10 Fun Ways Cats Wake Up Their Owners

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Once you welcome a cat into your life, you'll never get over how much joy these cuddly creatures bring to your home. You'll be endlessly entertained by the funny things they do, but keep in mind they are very intelligent—they know exactly what they want and how to get it. This is especially true when it comes to cats waking up their pet parents.

Among other things, she'll stop at nothing to get you out of bed. Whether it be late at night or early in the morning, she might use one or more of these ten funny ways to disturb your slumber.

1. Scratching and Pulling at the Comforter

Your cat loves a cuddly, cozy bed adorned with soft sheets, plush blankets, and fluffy pillows... until she's ready to get up, that is. At this point she'll grab that duvet cover and pull it straight off the bed, sharpening her claws on the sheets while she's at it. Most of the time your cat does this in order to have the bed all to herself or get you going to get her breakfast.

2. Meowing Loudly

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, guaranteed to get you out of bed (and she knows it). Cats have distinct meows that vary in meaning, and even the smallest kitten harnesses the power to wake up her human for food, entertainment, or your warm space on the mattress. Cute it may be when you're awake, but this is a battle you can't win if you're trying to sleep.

3. Pawing Your Face

Another time-tested method a cat uses to wake a pet parent up is pawing your face while you're sleeping. Cats typically use gentle but persistent pats, and one little paw can rouse even the deepest sleeper simply because they're willing to keep at it until you open your eyes.

4. Chewing and Pulling Your Hair

Sometimes, cats waking up pet parents must resort to more unusual methods if they really want something. This is a super-effective trick if you have long hair that your furry family member can pull on as if she's just captured her prey.

5. Kneading Your Legs

Cats have no personal boundaries (that is until they retreat to their own hiding place when a stranger gets too close). They'll walk up, down, and all around your body, kneading your legs or even your stomach if she feels like it. It's a sweet gesture, though; cats do this to comfort themselves, but if it's accompanied by restless pacing and/or incessant meowing, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac, she probably wants something.

6. Nipping Your Toes

It's not biting exactly, but nips on your toes and feet cause just enough discomfort to wake you up from dreamland and tend to your restless friend's needs. Gentle biting, although playful, shows that she means business and won't take no for an answer.

7. Knocking Items off Furniture

Unless you bolt everything down, this is one move she'll return to again and again. Why? Because it works. Whether it's a book, a pen, or a TV remote, your cat will find it and knock it to the ground. And you'll hear it, no matter where in the house it falls. What a schemer, you think. But she got your attention—mission accomplished.

8. Batting at Electrical Cords

Be proud of yourself for clearing your nightstand or dresser of any potential hazard, but kitty is unimpressed. Your cat can, and will, find another way to end your REM cycle. The incessant tap-tap-tapping of your cat whacking a clock or bedside lamp cord against the wall? Seemingly harmless sound during the day, but it is guaranteed to drive you batty when you're trying to sleep.

9. Bringing Stuffed Animals to your Bed

Your kitty is a hunter by nature, and her instinct will probably kick in at dawn when you have a couple more hours of sleep left. She'll have an urgent need to bring you her "prey" and howl until you wake up to praise her for the errand she just ran for you.

10. Staring You Down

Another unique habit of your nocturnal resident is to stare forward, blankly, for no apparent reason. It's not so charming when you open your eyes to find your kitty sitting mere inches away from your face with laser-sharp focus. How long has she been staring at you? It's best just to get out of bed and not ask questions...

The funny things cats do to wake you up may not always be amusing in the middle of the night, but your furry family member's clever and creative methods reveal just how much thoughtfulness and love she feels for her pet parent.

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Christine O'Brien

Christine O'Brien

Christine O'Brien is a writer, mom, and long-time pet parent whose two Russian Blue cats rule the house. Her work also appears in What to Expect Word of Mom, xoJane, Fit Pregnancy, and Care.com. Find and follow her on Instagram and Twitter @brovelliobrien


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